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Career Path Interview (Spring 2018, Part I)

Interviewee: H.L. Major: Mathematics Year: Senior 1) Why did you choose maths as your major? H.L.: I have always been interested in numbers, patterns and how things operate. However, upon entering college, I was introduced to political science, economics, philosophy, anthropology and other subjects, which caught so much of my attention that I considered majoring …

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Can you believe Evans was once covered in snow?! OMG SO CUTE

Don’t Panic, Do the Math

Evans is going to be replaced soon! Evans is a windowless dungeon! Evans is the ugliest building on campus! Everyone has heard, maybe even said these types of comments about Evans Hall, the large grayish cube-like building sitting between the Memorial Glade and Hearst Mining Circle. If you are reading this, then you are probably …

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