Career Path Interview (Spring 2018, Part III)

Interviewee: Forest

Year: Junior

Major: Applied Math, clustered with Operations Research

1)   Why did you choose Applied Math as your major?

I was considering either applying to the college of engineering for Civil Engineering or L&S for applied math as a transfer. I ended up choosing applied math because it had fewer prerequisites and I did well in my lower division math courses.

2)   How did you figure out what cluster you wanted to study?

I was looking at all the engineering-related ones and economics, so Operations Research seemed like a nice balance.

3)   What areas of math are you interested in?

Optimization seems cool, I also like analysis so far. I’m pretty new to the major so I don’t have a clear idea of what fields are interesting.

4)   What is your plan after college?

After school, I plan to join the Army.

5)   Do you mind sharing with us your long-term career goal?

I’d like to work in Silicon Valley and be part of the next ‘Xerox’… design tablets that work underwater, etc.