Career Path Interview (Spring 2018, Part IV)

Interviewee: Megan

Year: Senior

What is your major (pure or applied)? If applied, what is your cluster and why did you pick it?


Economics; I was between this and statistics and chose Econ because I’ve taken Econ classes before, and I’m interested in applying my math degree in the business world post-graduation. Also, if I’m being completely honest, I wanted to avoid having the same professor I had for stat 134 for Stat 135.

Why did you decide to study math at Berkeley?

I excelled in math through Diff Eq’s and linear algebra and enjoyed the material.

What areas of math are you interested in?

I enjoy areas of math that are more focused on application, i.e. stats, econometrics, numerical analysis. My favorite theoretical math classes were 104 and 185.

What is your opinion of the math department, in terms of resources, study aids, and community?

The math department has undoubtedly brilliant professors, but many of them are unable to effectively communicate their intelligence, which makes pursuing a bachelor in math stressful. I perhaps haven’t spent enough time seeking it out, but in my personal experience, there really isn’t a community within the math department, it is up to you to forge your own connections and relationships.

What is your plan after college?

I will be working for my family’s business. Specifically working on optimising manufacturing processes.

Do you mind sharing with us your long-term goals?

As of now, the plan is for me to eventually take over the family business, but of course that depends on a lot of other factors as well. Short term I’m just trying to pass math C103 which has no textbook, just lecture notes, keep me in your prayers.

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  1. Rose says:

    I think we actually have a great community within the Math department. Undergraduate maths organizations, such as MUSA ( and WiM (, host lots of fun events and helpful panels at Berkeley. Professors, GSIs, and advisors are almost always there to help. And we have an active FB group where info about events, research/career opportunities, and other miscellaneous things are posted.

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